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100 calorie snacks

When you are trying to lose weight it is important to have healthy, low-calorie snacks available that will stop you reaching for high-fat or sugar-filled foods. Hunger can creep up on you very quickly, so make sure you have some tasty, satisfying snacks at hand! The best ones to choose are the slow-release foods that will keep you going until your next meal.

If we are honest most of us have days where we desperately crave something less healthy, like chocolate or crisps. The main thing is to not repeat such treats daily, or get into a habit of reaching for them regularly as this is when the weight will start to creep up.

Enjoy such snacks as a rare treat, and if you do succumb to a sugary hit it helps to know how many calories you're eating, so you can adjust your calorie intake later if you need to.

100 Calorie foods

The calories of these foods are around 100 calories - they may be slightly over or under, and are dependent on sizes of fruit, veg, etc

Healthy fruit and veg

Half a cup of dried or boiled edamame beans with a splash of soya sauce
A cup of juicy blueberries with a spoonful of non-fat Greek yoghurt
2 fresh pineapple rounds
8 baby carrots with 2 tbsps hummus dip
One chopped tomato with seasoning and a spoonful of feta cheese crumbled
1 corn on the cob
2 apples
1 apple sliced with tsp peanut butter dip
1 banana
1 cup grapes
2 cups strawberries

Yoghurt yummies

½ cup non-fat Greek yogurt with1 tsp runny honey
175g Fat free Strawberry yoghurt (Muller Light)
100g Fromage Frais yoghurt (Petits Filous)
100g Activia - Raspberry yoghurt (Danone)
1 pot Low Fat Strawberry yoghurt (Asda)
100g Strawberry Yoghurt Drink (Tesco)
100ml Strawberry Frozen Creamy Yoghurt (Yeo Valley)
100g Frozen Yoghurt (Nando's)


Sweet treats

4 strawberries dipped in 2 melted squares of chocolate
10 almonds and a spoonful of raisins
1 rice cake spread with thin layer of almond butter
2 Maryland double chocolate cookies
2 Oreos
3 squares of high cocoa content dark chocolate
4 marshmallows - if you have time toast them as it makes them more gooey and delicious!
4 Hershey’s Kisses
2 fingers Kit Kat
Fun size Twix ice cream bar

Savoury snacks

A cup of Popcorn (unsweetened) - try a sprinkling of cayenne pepper and a pinch of finely grated parmesan
1½ String cheese
25g mature Cheddar cheese
33g Camembert cheese
38g Feta cheese
½ cup low-fat cottage cheese with ½ cup of chopped green pepper and tomato, a chopped spring onion and salt and pepper
25 Pistachios
16 Dry Roasted peanuts
8 olives
A wholegrain cracker topped with a tinned sardine and chopped cherry tomatoes
25g packet of Twiglets
1 pkt Walkers Square crisps - Ready Salted
1 pkt Quavers crisps (only 88 calories)


A glass of Nesquick low-fat chocolate milk
½ cup sliced banana blended with ¼ cup non-fat vanilla yogurt and a handful of ice to make a delicious smoothie
1 tall cappucino (whole milk)
1 mug Cadbury's instant hot chocolate - made with 4 tsp and 200ml water




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