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How Many Calories in Vodka?

vodka bottle and shot glasses

Find the Calories in a single or double vodka

Find out how fattening a vodka and mixer is. Is a vodka and tonic more fattening than a beer or wine?

Measures at home can be a lot bigger than pub measures so if you are trying to cut down on calories or alcohol units, try using a measure or optic to keep your intake under control!

If you're trying to lose weight, it's worth while cutting down on your drinking. As well as the calories in whatever you're drinking, alcohol can lower your resistance to all sorts of dietary temptations - from a bag of crisps or nuts in the bar to a curry or kebab on the way home - all that good work undone!

Vodka is the lowest calorie alcoholic drink

If you're looking for the lowest calorie alcohol in absolute terms, it's a shot of vodka on it's own or vodka and any zero calorie mixer. But the difference between vodka and other standard spirits is pretty minimal and won't make much difference to your diet unless you're drinking way too much! A vodka and slimline tonic with loads of ice is less calories than a lager.

Adding a slice of lemon to your vodka and tonic doesn't make it any healthier, or count as one of your five fruits of the day!

How many calories in vodka and tonic?

25 ml is equal to a pub single or shot and 50 ml is equal to a pub double. Bear in mind that home made drinks are usually much larger so either allow for this or use a measure at home!

How many calories in a glass of vodka

  50 ml = pub double
How many calories in vodka 120 50ml
How many calories in premium vodka 140 50ml

How many calories in a vodka and tonic

How many calories in vodka and tonic 95 25ml vodka + 100ml tonic
How many calories in a double vodka and tonic 155 50ml vodka + 100ml tonic
How many calories in vodka and cola 103 25ml vodka + 100ml cola
How many calories in a double vodka and cola 155 50ml vodka + 100ml cola
How many calories in tonic, cola etc (slimline) 1 100ml
How many calories in a glass of water 0 any size

How many calories in Wine ?

How many calories in Beer ?

Tips on cutting down alcohol consumption from the NHS (External site - opens in new window)



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