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Macrobiotic diet, Magnet diet/ Magnaslim, Maple Syrup diet/ Lemonade diet/master Cleanse diet, Perricone Prescription diet, South Beach diet, Ultimate New York Body Plan diet, Vibrancy diet, Zone diet, 100-Mile diet

Macrobiotic diet

The main premise of this diet is to eat in harmony with the environment you live in. This means eating locally sourced food, selecting foods from the climate you live in and foods in season - this is believed to provide harmony and keeps your body’s energy at its optimal level and perfectly balanced.

There is a belief in foods having expansive (yin) energy and contractive (yang) energy, determined by how the food was grown. No to imported foods.

The meals consist of:

  • Complex carbohydrates - whole grains, beans, seeds, vegetables and fruit.
  • Proteins - beans, fish, seeds, nuts, dairy products and eggs
  • Fats - oils, seeds and nuts
  • Vitamins, minerals and enzymes
  • Water

  • No to meat, dairy, processed foods and caffeine. A complete meal should contain all the 5 elements: Grain, Protein, Vegetables, Sea Vegetable and pickles, to provide balance.

    Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Joe Pesci are supposedly followers of this eating regime.

    Celebrity Diet

Magnet diet / MagnaSlim

This is a weight-loss aid that combines acupuncture and magnetic therapy to help combat emotional and stress-related eating. Discovered by Doctor Kim Gebrosky, this weight-loss aid has achieved great success in the US.

Actors Kate Ford and Jennifer Ellison are reported to have achieved weight-loss success with this magnet aid. A bracelet is worn daily, and locates the magnet on important acupuncture points on the wrist. This is said to relieve stress and curb food cravings.


Maple Syrup diet / Lemonade diet / Master Cleanse diet

Maple Syrup dietFollowing the Maple Syrup diet, which involves drinking cocktails made with maple-syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water, is apparently the diet secret of top model, Naomi Campbell. She is reported to follow this diet plan at least 3 times a year, in order to maintain her fabulous figure.

The diet is also known as The Master Cleanse Diet and has been used for many years. It is particularly popular with stars before big red carpet events, like the Oscars, when they need to quickly get in shape before they face the cameras. Anne Hathaway and Beyoncé Knowles have apparently also followed this de-tox diet. The singer successfully lost 20 pounds in 14 days.

The Maple Syrup diet, a cleansing/detox treatment, involves consuming under 600 calories a day, which is not considered good for your health. Two weeks on so few calories can lead to exhaustion and nutritional deficiencies. Also the body's metabolic rate will drop making it more difficult to burn calories. This is really a form of fasting, rather than a diet, and should be considered carefully before undertaking such a drop in calories. This is not a sustainable diet.

The Perricone Prescription diet

anti wrinkle dietCreated by Connecticut dermatologist, Nicholas Perricone, this is one of the most popular diets with celebrity New Yorkers. It is a successful plan for weight-loss, and at the same time is also supposed to help keep wrinkles at bay. The Perricone Prescription diet is most importantly an 'anti-inflammatory' programme, as the founder believes many foods can react and cause inflammation in the body.

On this diet you eat three meals and two snacks a day, all of which should include some form of protein. High glycemic index (GI) foods, like rice, pasta, and bread which increase glucose levels are avoided. Other banned foods are beef, processed food, carrots, bananas, coffee and alcohol.

Eating foods containing powerful antioxidants, like blueberries and leafy, green vegetables and rich omega-3 foods, such as salmon, olive oil and nuts are encouraged. In fact wild Alaskan salmon is a suggested meal option several times a week. Lots of spring water and drinking tea is allowed.

Vitamin supplements and skin creams and lotions are also part of the Perricone Prescription, to help you gain a slim body and smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Cardio exercise five days a week is also an important part of the diet.

Reported celebrity Perricone Prescription followers include: Heidi Klum, Julia Roberts, Kim Cattrall.

more info:www.perriconemd.com

South Beach diet

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Jessica Simpson are reported to have successfully used this diet to keep in shape.
Founded by cardiologist Arthur Agatston, this 3-stage diet aims to replace 'bad carbs' and 'bad fats' with 'good carbs' and 'good fats'. Unlike the Atkins diet it doesn't avoid carbohydrates completely, rather it focuses on their Glycemic index.

Stage 1 of the diet avoids processed carbohydrates, sugars, fruits, and any high GI vegetables.
Stage 2 re-introduces fruits and vegetables and some whole grained foods.
Stage 3 is the maintenance phase.

More info: South Beach Diet

The Ultimate New York Body Plan diet

Hollywood's top celebrities turn to David Kirsch when they need to lose weight fast. His best selling book The Ultimate New York Body Plan diet plan reportedly worked for supermodel Heidi Klum, after she had had her last baby and needed to get back in shape for the runway. Other reported devotees are Liv Tyler and Linda Evangalista.

David Kirsch suggests an A B C D E F of nutrition: No Alcohol, no Bread, no starchy Carbs, no Dairy, no Extra sweets, no Fruit and no bad Fats. High protein shakes and vitamins are recommended during the plan, and a healthy diet of lean protein, vegetables, healthy fats, such as olive oil and flaxseed oil. You eat every three hours to boost your metabolism.
The Diet Plan's eight-week Eating Plan is divided into 3 phases:
  • Phase 1 - the initial 2 weeks of (restrictive) nutrition(no more than 1,200 calories) and an hour and a half of strenuous cardio exercise daily
  • Phase 2 - you are now allowed a few more healthy carbohydrates
  • Phase 3 - this includes weekly cheat meals
More info: www.theultimatenewyorkbodyplan.com

The Vibrancy diet

Super slim model Kate Moss' secret to staying in perfect shape, according to the latest press releases, is her Vibrancy Diet. The diet consists of a breakfast of probiotic yoghurts, fruit and wholegrain toast and then two more meals of grilled fish, or chicken and big helpings of vegetables.

She reportedly also drinks lots of water to suppress her appetite, and when she does go out she chooses a low-calorie alcoholic drink of vodka and fresh lemon juice. The diet plan also includes relaxation and meditation, and is reported to advocate cleansing your face with boiled milk.

Zone diet

The zone diet is a low-carb diet, where everything you eat is in the ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. The diet's founder, Dr Barry Sears, apparently believes this measured food group plan helps maintain a balance between the hormones, insulin and glucagen, which is ideal for fat-burning.

The premise is to eat the correct balance of food at the right time, to keep you 'in the zone' - Sears's term for proper hormone balance. Followers of the diet try to avoid sugar, bread, pasta, rice, caffeine and alcohol.

This is the favourite weight-loss plan of many top celebrities, it is reportedly used by such as ex supermodel Cindy Crawford, and actors Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger.

100-Mile diet

The 100-Mile Diet, was written by Vancouver authors Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon, in 2005 - an eco-friendly diet, combining healthy eating and environmentalism. The idea is to only eat foods that have been grown and produced within 100 miles of your home - showing an awareness of carbon footprints caused by hauling food hundreds of miles by plane, boats and trucks. Many eco-aware celebrities have signed up to the pledge to eat locally produced goods.

The first carbon friendly restaurant, Otarian, opens in London next month, with every item of the vegetarian menu having its carbon footprint details next to the price, and the carbon cost of the meat equivalent. Good news if you like your greens!

Celebrity Slim Diet Tips and Secrets

  • Joanna Lumley has been reported as regularly limiting herself to only one meal a day, in order to stay in shape. This is an eating plan that actress Elizabeth Hurley has also been reported as following.
  • Rihanna is reported as avoiding carbs in her diet and sticking to a diet of mainly vegetables, fruit and fish to keep her slim shape.
  • Heidi Klum is reported to take Epsom salts before photo shoots, as the salts are supposed to draw fluid out of the body - combating any bloating. She is reported to photograph herself naked once a week, to make sure she maintains her gorgeous figure.
  • Oprah Winfrey apparently uses fruit ice lollies to satisfy any sugar craving. They last a long time and are mainly made up of water.
  • Naomi Campbell's diet tip, according to reports, is to stay clear of the bread basket when eating out.
  • Claudia Schiffer is reported to only eat fruit and vegetables before mid-day, and avoids alcohol and caffeine.
  • Kelly Osbourne, according to recent press reports, replaces potato chips with rice cakes and recommends getting rid of your microwave to prevent eating high calorie convenience meals.
  • Penelope Cruz is reported to have lost her pregnancy weight by following The Mediterrean diet and a dancing workout.
  • Halle Berry and Jessica Alba are reported to have lost their post pregnancy weight by following personal trainer, Ramona Braganza's 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone diet and exercise regime.
  • Singer, Fergie, is said to take regular shots of organic apple cider vinegar - it supposedly 'melts' fat !

More celebrity diet secrets and diet tips

Before trying a new diet you should always consult your doctor to discuss whether you are healthy enough to restrict your calorie intake.



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