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More on celebrities staying thin. Find out even more on how your Hollywood heroines keep the pounds off in part three of our celebrity diet guide.

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Dukan Diet or Protal Diet, Eat Right 4 Your Type Diet/ Bloodtype Diet, Five hands diet, Hypnodiet, K.E diet/ Feeding tube diet

Dukan Diet or Protal Diet

This high protein plan, developed by Dr Pierre Dukan, a French nutritionist, has proved highly popular in France with 5 million French women joining the Dukan diet community. Celebrity devotees apparently include Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo), model Gisele Bundchen and opera singer Katherine Jenkins.

There is no calorie counting or food-weighing involved, just a well planned 4 stage eating programme. The first stage involves an Atkins-like no-carbs approach, except with the Dukan diet you must also only choose non-fat foods, but this initial fast weight-loss phase only lasts 5-10 days. The next phases gradually re-introduce other food groups back into your diet, until you reach the last phase - Stabilisation. Then, hopefully at your target weight, you only have to watch what you eat for one day a week, where you should revert to protein-only foods. This is supposed to help maintain your weight, and avoid any extra pounds creeping on.

More info on the Dukan Diet

Eat Right 4 Your Type diet/ Bloodtype diet

This diet has recently been in the news after Cheryl Cole has been reported as having used the blood type diet to maintain her slim figure. Martine McCutcheon and Demi Moore have apparently also followed this diet with success. The diet plan was evolved by American naturopaths, James D'Adamo and his son Peter D'Adamo. Reportedly they believe a chemical reaction, involving a protein found in food (lectin), occurs with your blood. This can be incompatible with specific blood groups and can cause adverse side effects.

To follow the Bloodtype diet:
Blood group O types should eat a high proteins, low-carb diet,and avoid wheat and most other grains.
Blood group A types should avoid high proteins and fat and get their energy from carbohydrates, eating a mainly vegetarian diet.
Blood group B types should eat a varied diet including meat and dairy products.
Blood type AB types can luckily enjoy a combination of the foods recommended for the A and O bloodtypes.

More info: www.dadamo.com.

'Five Hands' diet

This diet is reportedly how Victoria Beckham lost her last pregnancy weight. The 5 Hands diet consists of five hand-sized portions of lean high-protein meals daily with green vegetables and plenty of water. The diet consists of small protein meals, using turkey, eggs and fish, such as: smoked salmon, prawns with chilli, yellow-fin tuna sushi and scrambled eggs. Snacks are goji berries and nuts.


Hypnodiet'Think yourself slim', is the technique Susan Hepburn, an accredited hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, has apparently used to achieve weight-loss success with her many A-list celebrity clients.

Hepburn teaches a form of deep relaxation (hypnosis) with the aid of her books and cds, wherein her followers 'reprogramme' their subconscious mind to rid it of bad-eating habits and beliefs, which are preventing them achieving the slim figure they crave.

The programme aims to help you to enjoy a normal healthy relationship with food and solve any weight problems, without calorie counting.

Hepburn is very anti diets, and her plan is for those who wish to lose weight without dieting - isn't that all of us!

This very successful method has proved very popular with many celebrities, reportedly such as model, Sophie Dahl and Lily Allen, who apparently dropped from a size 12 to a size 8, after only a few sessions.

More info: www.susanhepburn.com

Think yourself thin diet

K.E diet / Feeding Tube diet

This extreme diet has recently been in the news as it requires a feeding tube to be fitted to the dieter. K.E stands for Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition and all your calories for 10 days are taken through a feeding tube - a drip feed containing protein, fat and water. The 800 calories per day contain no carbohydrates. Like the Atkins diet it causes ketosis, where the body burns fat instead of sugar. Side effects are bad breath and constipation. Anybody with kidney problems are advised not to use this dieting method.

It's been reported that you can lose 10 -20 pounds during the 10 days on the feeding tube diet, and it has proved popular in the US with brides-to-be. However, doctors are concerned that this feeding technique can lead to sinus and throat infections.

This quick fix diet is not sustainable and does not help the dieter change their lifestyle in order to get slim, so the dieter is unlikely to keep the weight off when they start eating normally again.


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Before trying a new diet you should always consult your doctor to discuss whether you are healthy enough to restrict your calorie intake.



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