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Choosing the right jeans for your body shape

Jeans are the staple ingredient of our wardrobes. They are also one of the most difficult items of clothing to shop for - they are up there with swimwear!
As the saying goes 'you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find Prince Charming', so you have to try on a lot of jeans to find the perfect ones!

To wear jeans successfully you need to get the fit just right - the style, the denim colour and texture and also the right length and cut.

You should feel good when you slip on your blue jeans - they have the potential to accentuate your great bum and legs. But be warned - they can also bring attention to your problem areas - chunky thighs, big or flat bum, tummy or short legs. Take advice and choose the most flattering jeans for you.

Your body shape will help you make the right jeans choice as there are some definite do's and dont's depending on your figure.

baggy jeansPear Shaped

The best jeans for those of us who are bottom heavy is the universally flattering Boot-cut. The flare at the bottom of boot cuts helps to minimize the appearance of heavy thighs or wide hips.

Cut mid-rise (about 2 fingers below the belly button) they will lengthen and slim your legs, or if you have a little excess that easily turns to a muffin belly, then opt for the higher cut 'on the waist' option.

A dark wash gives the most slimming look. Wear heels to add height and lengthen legs, as the longer the jeans then the longer (and thinner) your legs look.

* Warning - stay well away from a tapered, pencil or peg leg jean, they'll make you look wider.

Big bottom

Choose big pockets on your bum as it keeps your proportions. Small pockets too far apart, or no pockets on the back of your jeans can widen your rear

Try to avoid too much fussy embellishment on the back pockets, if you're bothered by the size of your backside.

Vertical seams, both on the pockets and down the back of the jeans, also help to make you look longer rather than wider.

If you are very conscious of your bottom's size, wearing a low rise cut can help shorten your bum, and a flare at the ankles will help create balance.

Wear jeans long, touching the bottom of your ankle bones with heels to lengthen legs and make a flattering shape.

* Warning - avoid jeans featuring 'worn' or bleached areas on the backside of your jeans, as they only highlight your problem area.

Big tummy

High-waisted jeans can help hold in your stomach and slim your profile.

* Warning - don't choose jeans that have ties, pleats, an elastic or gathered waistband or are decorated in front - this only draws attention and adds unwanted inches.


Choose straight-cut jeans as these will lengthen your legs and are also slimming. High-waisted jeans can give the illusion of height, as can Hipster/ low-rise jeans as they also elongate the body, making you appear taller. Wear them long with heels.

* Warning - avoid turn-ups, as they cut off your leg length and lose you height.


Choose long flared jeans that are snug through the thigh, like slim bootcuts, show off gorgeous long legs. Skinny and low rise jeans work well too. Wear heels with hems down to the floor to make your legs go on forever.


Skinny, low rise jeans make the most of your slim legs and your trim tum can take exposure. Wear a chunky belt to bring attention to your slim waist and hips.

Short waisted

Choose a jean with a low waist to lengthen the body - low rise are the right jean choice for you.

* Warning -avoid high waisted jeans they will make your torso look shorter.

Long waisted

Choose a regular rise or high waisted jean.

* Warning - stay away from low-rises. You need at least 8" of rise to make your legs look longer, and in proportion with your body length.

Boyish figure

High-set or angled pockets can give a flat bottom more shape. Boyish figures should choose cigarette or tapered jeans, because they are slim at the calves they make the hips look fuller and add curves to a flat bottom.

legs in tight jeans

Avoid tight jeans unless you're happy with your weight. Does my bum look big in this?


Jean Styles - know and recognise the different cuts of jeans


Boyfriend jeansThese brilliant jeans make legs look longer and are kind to curvy figures -they are a universally flattering shape. They are slim through the legs, with a slight flare at the ankle, ideal for wearing a boot with about a 16-18 inch leg opening. Added stretch in the jeans (elastine or lycra) brings the perfect fit. Bootcut legs are the most flattering jean legs of all. The slight flare balances out wider hips and fuller thighs.
The classic boot cut is the best shape for most women. A pair that sits on the waist avoids any muffin belly. The key to these jeans looking great is to get them long enough - the hems should hit the bottom of the ankle. Wearing them with a heel will help to further minimize wide hips.

Slim Bootleg

This cut is flattering, feminine, shapely and really easy to wear. They are cut slimmer in the thigh and from the knees, giving a long, lean shape - making your legs look longer.

High-waisted jeans

These jeans are leg lengthening and tummy trimming. The 70s high waisted jeans have made a comeback - Sienna Miller looks great in them.

Boyfriend jeans

These loose slouchy jeans are suitable for most body types. They elongate the silhouette and flatter the thighs. Wear them big though, as the name suggests they are supposed to look as if you have borrowed your boyfriend's jeans.

Flares - slim through the legs, flaring above the ankle - to about an 21 inch leg opening.

Bellbottoms - flare at the knee with a 22 inch leg opening.

Peg legs - very narrow leg opening (popular in 80s)

Jeans Legs Style and Sizes
Leg Style/Length
Slim & Classic Leg
Wide & Bootleg Kick Flare
Short (inches)
Medium (inches)
Long (inches)

his and hers jeansNew Jeans for Old

Jeans are re-invented every year - the style, cut and leg shape immediately tell the world whether you are 'in' fashion or not.

Jean trends are very definite.

Denim jeans were the original hard-wearing work clothes.

They became a fashion item in the fifties, when stars such as Marlon Brando, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe made them look hot and sexy.

Nowadays nearly everybody has a pair of jeans in their wardrobe (many of us have multi pairs for different occasions) - just make sure it's the right pair!

Choose the right jeans to flatter your body shape


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