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Christmas crackers

The Christmas and New Year feasting season is here again. Opportunities to overeat and drink too much abound, and the temptation is to reach for another mince pie or choccie with the thought "Oh well, it is Christmas..."

It seems easiest to put your calorie controlled diet on hold until the New Year. After all who wants to starve over the party season when everyone else is eating and drinking as much as they like?

If you allow yourself to relax for the all important Christmas day, then the damage to your figure shouldn't be too difficult to put right over the following days.

However, the countdown to Christmas starts in November, as the Christmas goodies arrive in the shops, and there seems to be a hundred and one excuses for a party in the weeks up until the 25th December.

If you consume extra calories for all these weeks leading up to Christmas, then you are likely to put on weight before the actual Christmas dinner. But don't despair we have lots of tricks and tips that will help you to still enjoy the Christmas parties, but avoid piling on the extra pounds.

You can still enjoy the party and cut calories if you follow our Christmas diet tips


Save calories at Christmas parties


Christmas is coming - the goose is getting fat ...' and we don't want to join it!

Party time is here and we all want to look good and enjoy ourselves. Follow our Christmas party diet plan from today and get a flying start on the new thin you in the new year. Make this the year you choose your party dress just because you love it, rather than because it disguises the bits of your body you hate.

Pre-Christmas diet tips

hollyAs the countdown to Christmas begins it is great to get in shape now, if you can. If you manage to lose a few pounds before the feasting begins you are ahead of the game. If you start now you should be able to relax when Christmas day arrives and actually enjoy the festive season.

Losing a few pounds before the celebrations means that you won't have to pay for your Christmas fun with an extreme weight-loss programme in January.

Christmas weight gain
We can't avoid thinking about Christmas once November arrives - the shops are suddenly teeming with offers on all the goodies we connect with the festive season: mince pies, big tins of our favourite chocolates and sweets, bottles of champagne, wine and lager, liqueurs and party food.

hollyIf you succumb to temptation at this stage you are likely to put on quite a bit of weight before Christmas day even arrives. A study has shown we put on an average of 5lbs/2kg over December.

The best way is to recognise that this is going to be a very difficult time for those of us on a calorie controlled diet, and then try your best to side-step the temptations as much as possible, in the build up to Christmas.

Have your battle plan ready and you will win! If you allow yourself the treat of relaxing your diet on Christmas day it can help you get through until then.

Here are a few ideas where you can save precious calories when the Christmas parties start - and they seem to begin earlier every year!

Save calories at Christmas parties

Low Calorie Party Drinks

Choose these alternatives when you're partying and save lots of calories:



instead of



Gin/ Slimline Tonic
instead of
Gin / Tonic
glass of Champagne
instead of
glass of White Wine
Mojito cocktail
instead of
Margarita cocktail
dark Rum and Coke
instead of
Pina Colada
Vodka, Cranberry & Soda
instead of
Mulled wine
Coffee liqueur
instead of
Irish Cream liqueur
Orange liqueur
instead of
Orange Bitters
Apple Schnapps
instead of
Creme de Menthe

Try to stick to small glasses (125 ml) rather than large (250ml) when you are drinking at parties. It's like eating off smaller plates - it cuts your portions down without you noticing! Also alternating alcohol with a diet soft drink helps too. Avoid the fizzy alcohol drinks as they speed up the amount of alcohol you absorb and lower your resistance to high calorie nibbles!

Christmas crackers

more low alcohol and low calorie drinks

Low Calorie Party Food



instead of



instead of
a slice of Pepperoni Pizza
handful of Pistachios
instead of
handful of Dry Roasted Peanuts
40g Salted Popcorn
instead of
40g Potato Crisps
Chicken Satay
instead of
mini Pork Pie
Smoked Salmon & Cheese Blini
instead of
Sausage Roll
Tiger Prawn with Chilli dip
instead of
Battered Prawn
open topped Mince Pie
instead of
Mince Pie and cream
Sherry Trifle
instead of
Christmas Pudding & custard
Yule Log
instead of
Christmas cake
2 After dinner Chocolate Mints
instead of
2 Chocolate Truffles

When helping yourself from a laden and tempting buffet table try to first choose a good portion of filling food like a baked potato, rice and salad, before choosing too many of the tastier high fat snacks. Don't visit the buffet too early or you will have plenty of chance to go back for seconds - grab an extra calorie-burning dance first!

Christmas Dieting

If you really are determined then you can continue swopping healthier alternatives, such as our suggestions above, all Christmas. However, we believe it does us all good to relax, within reason, for one day a year.

It's really difficult to seriously diet during the Christmas festivities, and you run the risk of making yourself miserable. The tendency will be that you will feel hard done by while everybody enjoys themselves, and there is a strong chance that you will 'break out' and overeat (probably the most tempting of Christmas delights), and then feel guilt ridden for the rest of the holiday.

The best way is to plan ahead as much as you can, by having lots of enjoyable healthier food and drink alternatives to hand if possible, but also to realise it is only once a year and a few treats won't hurt. When you eat or drink something you know is high in calories just try to reduce your intake somewhere else during the day, or try and incorporate a bit more exercise the next day. Don't beat yourself up about not sticking to your diet, remember tomorrow is another day.

People have feasted and celebrated during the long winter months for thousands of years, and come the New Year many then decide to make a fresh start with a healthier lifestyle. Allowing yourself to relax a little during the holiday shouldn't affect your weight-loss too severely, so have a Happy Christmas and enjoy yourself!

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