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Easy weight-loss

Losing weight can take time and effort, and many of us are impatient to get into shape and want a quick-fix diet. Slimming pills appear to take all the effort out of slimming, is it that easy? No more sweaty sessions in the gym, or cutting out favourite high-carb sugary treats; just swallow a pill and get smaller - a bit like Alice drinking her magical potion to shrink...

Diet pills side-effects

Diet PillsThe claim is that diet pills help you to lose weight quickly, but what about side effects? There are fears that some diet pills may cause strokes and panic attacks. It is very easy to buy online diet pills, without any doctor's advice or recommendations.

Health experts usually only recommend diet pills are prescribed to those with a BMI of 28 or over, or those who have health problems associated with their weight, and then only for a limited short-term period.

Prescription diet pills should only be used under medical supervision.

Two types of drugs are generally used in prescription diet pills:

Diet pills that cut fat absorption - one type of slimming pill works by blocking the absorption of around a third of the fat in food consumed. Patients have to follow a low-fat diet in order to avoid a side effect of diarrhoea.

Diet pills that speed up metabolism - the other type of prescribed slimming drug works by stimulating the metabolic rate and suppresses the appetite. The side effects can include an increase in blood pressure, etc.

Online diet pills

It is illegal to sell prescription drugs without a prescription in the UK, but some companies selling diet pills are based overseas, so
are able to sell via the internet. Some of these 'miraculous' appetite-suppressant diet pills can contain drugs closely related to amphetamines, called anorectics. These slimming pills can be addictive and therefore difficult to withdraw from taking. The diet pills may well suppress your appetite, but the chemicals in the diet drugs, which act like adrenalin by increasing the heart rate, can also affect your blood pressure, give you mood swings, cause tremors, severe headaches, heart attacks or strokes.

NHS advice on diet pills and other obesity treatments (external site - opens in new window)

'Natural' weight-loss pills

There are diet pills available over the counter, without the need for a prescription. Pharmacists are not supposed to sell these pills to anyone with less than a BMI of 28. These are supposed to contain 'natural' weight-loss ingredients, such as acai berry or green tea. These ingredients are known to naturally boost metabolism, and are said by some to help with fat oxidation. Some diet pills however, will only cause you to lose water, rather than fat.

Other diet pills claim to reduce the body's absorption of fat, by causing you to excrete more fat than you would normally, but this can have unfortunate bowel side effects. There are also 'natural' appetite suppressants, some based on ingredients such as seaweed or fibrous substances, which can expand in the stomach, making you feel full.

Hoodia Gordonii

Another popular 'natural' diet pill ingredient is Hoodia Gordonii - a South African cactus derivative. This is claimed to act as an appetite suppressant, and has long been used by Kalahari bushmen to stave off hunger whilst in the desert. Hoodia is said to contain a 'magic' molecule called P57 which apparently stops you feeling hungry. There are many brands of Hoodia diet pills available and they all differ in how much actual hoodia they contain. There are no human studies available as yet regarding the effectiveness or safety of taking Hoodia diet pills.

The problem with herbal pills is that they are not subject to strict testing, and so the slimming aid claims may not be valid. Also for some taking herbal preparations can bring unpleasant side effects and it is always advisable to seek advise from an accredited herbalist.

diet herbal teaWeight-loss tea

Drinking Green tea is supposed to speed up your metabolism, and it has the added bonus of being full of anti-oxidants and minerals.

But, there are various diet teas available that claim to contain herbs that help to lower fat, energise, lower cholesterol, raise metabolism and have anti- inflammatory properties.

There is a danger that slimmers eager to lose weight increase their recommended dose of diet pills, find they become addicted and put their health at great risk.

Diet pills rarely help you lose weight in the long term. Most dieters who lose weight with diet pills usually struggle to keep the weight off when they stop using the slimming drug.

Many don't want to hear it, but the proven key to diet success is to to stick to a balanced diet with regular exercise. You need to address your whole lifestyle to ensure your weight loss stays off. A healthy diet plan, where you learn to eat energising and satisfying foods and lose any bad eating habits, is proven to be the best way to get in shape and stay that way!



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