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Free weight loss diet plan - week 1

The plan works - dieters celebrating

Stick to that weight loss diet plan and you'll soon have something to celebrate!

Here's a suggestion for a week's worth of weight loss diet plan. You don't have to follow it to the letter,but think how much you want to be slim before you hit the high sugar and fat foods. Following a specified diet plan can help many people avoid the temptations that come with lots of choice.

Diet Plans

Firstly, breakfast is important - try not to skip it as you may find you will graze on snacks, or pop out for coffee and a Danish at 11 am. Try a high fibre and satisfying cereal like porridge or weetabix, rather than high sugar-filled breakfast cereals. If you have time eating a protein high breakfast like scrambled eggs can also stop the hunger pangs - at least until lunchtime!

Lunch is best made at home and taken with you to work - it's cheaper, healthier and you've got a far better chance of staying slim if you keep out of the canteen / bakers / deli / restaurant / pub at lunchtime. Avoid temptation and calorific choices and instead tuck into your home prepared lunch in the park (weather permitting!)

Our view is that the best diet is one which is sustainable, so don't worry about having the odd treat now and again. Just not too often!

Avoid ready-made meals and processed foods if you can, they are generally much higher calorifically than natural and home-made meals and can contain a lot of salt that you'll be healthier without. Even 'Low-fat' options are often topped up with sugar to replace the fat - read your labels carefully.

Use low-calorie spreads and dressings rather than butter and you'll be surprised at how many calories you'll save.





Tea or Coffee (no sugar and semi-skimmed/skimmed milk)

Cereal and fruit

Sandwich - Ham salad


Grilled chicken breast, new potatoes and salad/green beans

Fruit salad with 2 teaspoons low-fat Greek yoghurt

Drink plenty of water




Tea or Coffee

Wholemeal toast with low-fat spread and banana

Chicken Sandwich - or Grilled Chicken with salad - Recipe

Spaghetti in tomato and bolognese sauce

Strawberries and low-fat natural yoghurt

Small portion size and stay away from heavy sauces (especially creamy ones)




Tea or Coffee

Fruit juice

Porridge with blueberries

Sandwich - egg with low-cal/light mayo and cress


Seafood and rice. Fry up some prawns, squid and scallops in a tiny dash of olive oil, add some pureed tomatoes and simmer - serve with boiled rice and peas




Tea or Coffee

Cereal and berries

Wholemeal pitta with mackerel or tuna and tomato and salad

Small lamb chop with peas and small portion mashed potatoes

Yoghurt and fruit

Lamb chop - don't eat the fat.




Tea or Coffee

Omelette - plain or with tomatoes/mushrooms (stay clear of cheese!)

Soup (tomato based not creamy) with wholemeal bread roll (no butter)

Grilled salmon fillet with garlic and herbs, new potatoes and baby sweetcorn and mange tout.

Small serving ice cream or low-calorie pudding

One Glass of wine or 1 bottle beer

Calories in wine

Only one glass of wine! It's Friday night but how much do you want to be slim?




Tea or Coffee

Scrambled egg and grilled tomato with wholemeal toast

Bacon sarnie - 2 rashers of lean back or low-fat turkey - trim off all the fat and then grill it. Try multi- grain bread with crispy iceberg lettuce and a sliced tomato

Chicken curry and rice - home- made preferably

Small serving ice cream or low-fat yoghurt with pineapple/strawberries

One Glass of wine or 1 bottle beer

One glass of wine. It's Saturday after all, as long as you kept yourself to one glass yesterday?




Tea or Coffee

Orange Juice

Low-fat croissant and jam

Any of the above - 'tis Sunday and a new week of losing weight awaits you. Keep up the good work!

Roast chicken, two small roast potatoes and choice of cabbage, sprouts, green beans, peas or cauliflower.

Fruit Salad

Take a walk for a couple of hours today. You'll burn some calories and set yourself up mentally for next week's diet plan.

Remember - rather than sticking to the letter of whatever diet you're on, it's much more important to make the mental adjustment away from your old eating habits. Create healthy habits that will be sustainable.

Think smaller portions, learn to say no to 'extras' when you're buying a coffee or lunch and be sensible about alcohol and take-aways and you'll soon see a big difference in the mirror!


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