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Top 10 Diet Tips

Top Diet Tip 1 - Drink plenty of water or low-cal soft drinks. It's good for you and will fill you up and help stop you feeling hungry.

Top Diet Tip 2 - Don't impulse buy in the supermarket - write a list before you go shopping and stick to it.

Top Diet Tip 3 - Trade carbohydrates for vegetables. Get rid of half the rice, spuds or pasta and replace it with your favourite veggies.

Top Diet Tip 4 - Walk - don't call. If you need to contact someone go and see them rather than phone or email and use the stairs!

Top Diet Tip 5 - Put your fork down between bites - it'll make you eat more slowly and you'll feel fuller on less food.

Top Diet Tip 6 - Eat before you go shopping - never, ever shop on an empty stomach ( saves money too! )

Top Diet Tip 7 - Dont fry food. Bake, roast, grill, boil or steam it

Top Diet Tip 8 - Brush your teeth immediately after your meal to discourage yourself from eating more.

Top Diet Tip 9 - Hide the tv remote control, use the buttons instead. Getting up and down will keep your metabolism working.

Top Diet Tip 10 - Start your meal with half a Grapefruit. It'll make you less hungry and provide a useful dose of vitamin C with hardly any calories.

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Whatever diet you're on, you'll find this list of top diet tips and tricks useful.

Remember that most diets fail because the dieter sets themselves targets which are unatainable so be realistic and find an eating/exercise balance that you'll be able to stick to.

Take the time to find the diet which you'll find easiest to follow. Once you have chosen your diet, you can use the diet tips below to give your slimming efforts an extra boost.

It took you months or years to gain the excess weight you have - allow yourself sufficient time to lose it.

Our quick diet tips can help you get started and help you stick to your diet.

Think about why you're eating - is it it because you are hungry or are you trying to fill another need with food

. Are you sad, upset or just plain bored?


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The best diet tips to help you lose weight fast!

Use the smallest plate and cutlery you can...it'll tell your subconscious mind that you're eating more than you really are!

Sweet Enough. If you take sugar in tea or coffee and can't bear the taste of artificial sweeteners, cut down the amount of sugar you use over a week or two. This allows the palate to adjust gradually and even the hardened 'two sugars' drinker can cut down to a quarter spoon easily! Once you're at this level it's really easy to say 'No sugar, thanks!'

Park in a space further away from your destination and enjoy a brisk walk to and from your car.

Just say no - Practice what you're going to say when you are offered food. You can refuse that dessert / muffin / invite to lunch!

Don't overdo the fruit juice - It contains calories too...Try zero cal mixers such as fizzy water or zero calorie lemonade

Eating out? Don't be scared to say you're on a diet and ask for a child's portion, order one meal between two or ask for a doggy bag. If you don't feel confident enough for that then either skip dessert or stay in!diet tip girl

Leave it out. Don't worry about leaving food on your plate at the end of your meal. We've all been conditioned to eat portions that are too big and a bit of wastage while you get down to the right portion size won't hurt.

Eat several smaller meals instead of a single huge one.

Don't give up your favourite food treat completely. Just have a sensible amount of it.

If you need a quick burst of energy, forget sugary drinks or snacks, try a ripe banana instead!diet tip girl

Don't skip breakfast - you'll end up eating 'elevenses' or scoffing a big lunch!

Latest report about the importance of breakfast in diets (BBC)

If you're out for the night drink a glass of water or a low calorie soft drink alternately with alcoholic drinks.

Whatever diet you're on it's important to stay hydrated so drink plenty of water. It'll help to kill your appetite too.

Avoid alcohol - as well as being a source of empty calories, it'll lower your willpower.

Plan your shopping so you always have healthy food in the house.

Eat Fruit - if you eat at least five-a-day you are far more likely to maintain a healthy weight

Trim all the fat from meat before cooking it.

the choice is yours  - women of different weights

Sort out your freezer - stock it with healthy food and get rid of all the sinful stuff - but not by eating it!

Portion sizes have grown hugely over the past few years and so have we - so eat what you usually do but make the portions half the size - you'll soon get used to it.

Write down everything you eat for a complete week. You'll be able to see what you need to avoid eating and when.

Don't watch TV or read when you're eating. Eat slowly and concentrate on the food, your stomach will tell you it's full sooner!

Thinking about joining a gym? Don't leave it to January, do it in the autumn and ask for a discount. Save money and start getting fit sooner.

happy weighing girlMake your own lunch and take it to work with you - that way you can avoid temptation in the deli and coffee shop. Go for a walk instead or sit in the park and enjoy the fresh air.

Go for spicier food - it's more satisfying to the taste buds so you eat less.

If you're making a sandwich use as little high calorie filing as you can and make up the space with tomato and lettuce.

If you slip off the straight and narrow - carry straight on with your healthy diet - don't use it as an excuse to binge and then 'start dieting again after the weekend' (we've all done it!).

Set goals and reward yourself with a non-food treat when you reach them - how about a new DVD, CD, a book or that size smaller top you've been eyeing up?

No time to exercise? Get off the bus a stop early or out of the lift a couple of floors below your own and walk up.

Go for quality rather than quantity - Think smoked salmon and an icy cold glass of Chablis or Champers rather than chips and lager.

Move Faster. In the office, at home and when you're shopping. As well as increasing your metabolic rate and burning more calories, you'll get much more done.


Diet Motivation

Exercise tip

When you reach a point in your exercise where you feel you can't do another step - running, jogging, or walking - chant inwardly to yourself 'lovely legs' over and over, like a mantra and focus in your mind on a picture of your lovely, toned and cellulite-free new pins!

It really helps when you're toiling up a steep hill, or are on the step machine.

Can soup make you thinner?

Find out more in this BBC Magazine article (external link - opens in new window)

Is there a fat gene?

Do you inherit the tendency to put weight on?

Well, according to recent studies its all due to behaviour not genetics. 226 children were studied and 10% of girls had a weight problem.

Scientists believe that it's mainly down to the wrong diet and lack of exercise, within the family behavioural pattern.

Overweight adults need help to break the pattern, so their children can avoid the same weight problems.

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Before trying a new diet you should always consult your doctor to discuss whether you are healthy enough to restrict your calorie intake.



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