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Week 3 diet menu

saladHere's a suggestion for a further week of meals. It's a guide rather than a strict diet regime, so don't be afraid to try some variations and mix and match to suit your taste.

Just remember to keep an eye on portion sizes and make sensible use of low-calorie alternatives wherever possible. Think about what you're eating and keep the portion sizes down - pile on the veg and salad rather than the meat and potatoes.

Breakfast is important - it will stop you snacking before lunch, especially if it is wholegrain or protein.

Lunch is best made at home and taken with you to work. It's cheaper (can save you hundreds a year) and far healthier and you've got a far better chance of staying slim if you keep out of the canteen / deli / restaurant / pub at lunchtime.

Keep away from ready meals and processed foods if you can, they are generally much higher calorifically than natural and home-made meals and can contain a lot of sugar and salt that you'll be healthier without.

Keep the meat, cheese and carbs portions small and the vegetable portions large.





Tea or Coffee

Muesli topped with kiwi fruit or apricot with skimmed milk

Vegetable soup with wholemeal bread roll (no butter)



Baked potato with low-fat cheese or baked bean topping

Yoghurt (low-fat)






Tea or Coffee


Boiled egg and wholegrain toast

Salmon/mackeral sandwich with cucmber and lettuce

Yoghurt (low-fat)

Chicken risotto - use brown rice and keep the quantity low

Fruit salad





Tea or Coffee

Porridge with raisins

Sandwich - Egg and Cress

Handful of grapes

Small fillet of steak (with fat trimmed off) with new potatoes, mange-tout and baby sweetcorn




Tea or Coffee

Shredded wheat with blueberries and skimmed milk

Tomato based soup and crispy roll (no butter)


Low-fat fromage frais


Spanish omelette with salad

Low-fat yoghurt or dessert




Tea or Coffee

Poached egg on wholemeal toast

Pasta with salad and sun-dried tomatoes in low-calorie dressing

Poached salmon with asparagus and brown rice

One glass of wine or 1 bottle beer, or 2 squares of good quality dark chocolate

Try low-carb beer for a change




Tea or Coffee

Low-fat yoghurt with mixed berries and seeds

Scrambled egg on brown toast with grilled tomatoes

Grilled chicken breast, new potatoes and salad

One glass of wine or 1 bottle beer, or 2 squares of good quality dark chocolate




Tea or Coffee

Orange juice

Grilled bacon on toast

Any of the above - 'tis Sunday. Don't fall by the wayside you're doing great!

Roast lamb (with no fat), two small roast potatoes and choice of cabbage, sprouts, green beans, peas or cauliflower. Not too much gravy!

Fruit salad

Make the Sunday afternoon walk a regular part of your weight-loss programme.

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