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time for that emergency dietWe all want to lose weight as fast as possible. Extra weight generally creeps up on us over a timescale of months and years, but when we decide that we need to get back into shape we want it to happen overnight! The most popular diets are the ones that promise quick weight loss.

Many of us want to drop pounds fast for a holiday, wedding or special event - to ensure that we look our very best at an important occasion. Perhaps you want to fit into that special dress, or sexy new jeans for a hot date or party.

Celebrities are probably the most practised at losing weight fast - they are used to getting quickly in shape for a new film, tour, video or red carpet event. They are always under the public gaze, and our press seem to delight in printing any pictures of well-known stars who have put on weight. Isn't merely being behind the camera supposed to 'put on 10 pounds'? The pressure to stay slim can be difficult.

So, many of the quick fix diets have been tried and tested usually by various celebrities. Everything from the cabbage soup diet, the maple syrup diet, the babyfood diet, the cookie diet and many others all promise to help you lose weight fast and easily.

Celebrity diet secrets

One of the most popular fast diets is the Juice Diet , which has been reported to help dieters lose around 7 pounds in a week. Fresh home-made fruit and vegetable juice is teeming with vitamins and minerals that pasteurised and packaged juice is lacking. Many people find the juice diet can be an energising way to lose weight fast. After completing the juice diet, dieters often choose to incorporate healthy juices into their regular eating plan.

The main thing to remember is that a liquid diet is not sustainable for any length of time - these type of crash diets are only intended for a short period. You will need to gradually introduce solid food back to your eating plan or just use a liquid diet for a quick temporary weight loss.

A lot of the initial weight you lose with these 'fasting' diets is water, so it is important to keep hydrated for your well being. It's no good looking slim, but feeling dreadful at your special event!

Emergency slimming

If you want to lose weight or look slim fast there are cheats you can fall back on, if you don't manage to drop those pounds in time.


tummy control shapewearShapewear

Try using some of the latest innovative shapewear and control lingerie. In the US many celebrities wouldn't be without their spanx under their figure-hugging dresses. The right underwear can smooth extra pounds out, pull in your waist to give you an hourglass figure and lose you inches. Most importantly it can give you the confidence boost so you feel that you look good.

Waistcinchers or waist-nipper - these can really help smooth out a muffin-top, hold that tummy in and shape your waist and hips.

Bodyshapers - available with or without thighs and in styles with or without a bra. These will help hold in and smooth out any lumps or bumps or wobbly bits. They should give you a sleek outline under clingy clothes.

Control knickers - no need to worry about VPLs (visible panty lines) showing through your clingy clothes as these usually are seamlessly edged, and have a control panel to flatten your tummy. Choose a nude colour to make sure they are invisible under light or thin fabrics.

Slimming and bodyshaping tights - these have a tummy control panel, and some include sculpting control panels to also shape your bum and thighs. They are a great secret and invisible tool when you don't want to wear obvious control underwear.

Shapewear corsets and slips - there are a huge range of corsets which will hold in a protruding tummy, lift your bust and help give you a slimmer silhouette.

Shapewear slips - available in full or half slips, these are useful under a clingy dress, and will help to smooth the waist, hips, tummy and bum for a sleeker outline.

Fake tan

Having a spray tan can make you feel instantly slimmer - the golden glow will give you confidence, cover up skin imperfections and make your limbs appear longer and leaner. It's much safer than tanning in the sun or on a sunbed, and it won't prematurely age you.

Fake or spray tanning

The Last Word

It is generally accepted by most health and diet professionals that a quick-fix or fast diet is not sustainable, and that it is your daily eating habits and lifestyle that you need to address.

It has been proven many times that losing around 2 lbs a week, by gradually reducing your calories and increasing your exercise is far more effective with weight loss, and most importantly the weight is far more likely to stay off.

Change your lifestyle with a healthier eating plan that is sustainable, rather than using a quick fix is the repeated advice from diet experts.

Consult your doctor or medical professional before beginning any diet or exercise plan.

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