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Free Online Diet Plans - Read this first!

Before you get to the free diet plans, it's worth taking stock of what exactly you're looking for in a diet. If you're trying to find more information on a specific diet then you can follow these links:

Atkins Diet | Alternate Day Diet | Calorie Counting | GI Diet | Weight Watchers | Zone Diet

If you're just looking for an easy way to lose weight then you can try our free diet plans, without having to sign up or join any mailing lists.

Like any other weight-loss method, keeping to a diet plan is not a foolproof way of losing weight, but it can help if you're the type of dieter that prefers firmer guidance on how to get slim. All our diet plans have been tested for their effectiveness and all the delicious reduced calorie recipes we suggest have been personally sampled by our team ( and been given the thumbs up!)

Free Online Diet Plan

The weekly menus are always ongoing, as we are continually searching out new exciting food options, and are not based around any specific diet. They simply give suggestions for sensible low-calorie meals, which you can either follow to the letter or use as the basis of a healthy eating regime which you can tailor to your own dietary needs.

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Stay motivated

Remember that losing weight is only half the battle - you need to get slim and stay the weight you feel best at and it's hard to do that if you go into the world of crash diets and faddy weight-loss plans.

You need to use a diet plan as part of an overall weight-loss strategy which suits your own needs, and which (most importantly) you can sustain over weeks and months. It's about losing bad eating habits and adopting a healthy diet that energises you.

Get into the right mindset and look at your improved diet as an enjoyable and positive lifestyle change, and not as something that has to be suffered as a means to an end.

Focus on the reasons why you want to drop that weight and think about how much better you'll look and feel.

Focus on how good you are going to look and feel!

Why do diets fail?

Why? Because the majority of dieters try too hard and start off on weight-loss plans that promise great results, but are just too difficult to stick to. It's much better to take a long look at your eating habits and lifestyle and make gradual changes that are easy to follow and don't cause you too much grief.

No human can expect to exist on a lettuce leaf and be happy , nor will you be able to work and enjoy life properly - lack of energy and unhappiness is likely to follow.

For example, if you take sugar in tea or coffee then halve the amount every week, until you can cut it out completely. If halving it every week is too difficult then do it over a longer period. Slow and steady like the tortoise in Aesop's folk tale is proven to work better than running full out like the hare - although both would enjoy the lettuce!

gentle exerciseWhat about exercise?

Likewise with exercise - most gym memberships lapse because when we are trying to get fit and lose weight, we naturally want results quickly. So we join the gym and go five times a week or whatever and work ourselves to a frazzle!
Unless we are super motivated, the tendency will be to skip sessions and find excuses not to go.

This leads to feelings of failure and the desire to go even less if we're not careful! Don't set the bar too high too soon, as we all become dejected if we fail.

It's much better to start off gently and work up in stages, with both exercise and diet.

As you increase the exercise and reduce the calories you're eating you'll start to feel a real sense of achievement and this will have positive effects on your attitude, making it easier to stick to your programme.

Keep Weight Off - maintain your new slim and fit body

Remember - it took you years to pile on the extra weight so don't fall by the wayside by trying to lose it overnight. Every day can be one more step forward to the new you.

Go for sustainable and maintainable changes to your diet and lifestyle and you'll find it easy to get slim and stay slim!

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Before trying a new diet you should always consult your doctor to discuss whether you are healthy enough to restrict your calorie intake.

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