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Whoopee! You are starting your 10th day of our calorie-controlled, but yummy and easy to prepare diet.

Congratulations on getting this far!
Already you should be seeing the signs of your new slim body and feeling the benefits of a healthy diet.

New Online Diet - New You!

Only you can do it - nobody can make you stick to a diet. You are the one that makes the right or wrong food choices. If you really want to be slimmer you will do it!

Keep picturing that dress you will wear when you drop a size, or how good you will feel when you pull on those new smaller jeans.

Our view is that the best diet is one which is sustainable, so don't worry about having an occasional treat, if it helps you stick to the straight and narrow. Remember, tomorrow is another day and a new start to the new you. Slow and steady weight-loss is proven to be more effective and maintainable.

If you want to print out the suggestions for reference when you're shopping or thinking about what to eat go to our easy print diet page

Mid-morning snack
Diet Tips





1 oz /25g bran flakes with blueberries or sultanas with skimmed or semi- skimmed milk

1 slice of granary/wholemeal toast with smear of low-fat spread or marmalade


2oz/50g of edam cheese with 2 crackers

2 slices of lean back bacon, grilled with 4oz/100g of tinned tomatoes and a seeded roll with low calorie spread

Roast chicken with jacket potatoes and cauliflower - make the gravy as fat free as possible

baked cinnamon apple with sultanas

Removing the skin from chicken halves the fat content, and leaving the skin on the potatoes increases the fibre content





Try kick-starting this new week with a cup of hot water and a slice of lemon, followed by a luscious fruit salad with lots of super fruits: blueberries, raspberries,a satsuma, a banana and apple

1 small bag popcorn ( low cal around 100cals or microwave home-cooked)
vegetable soup with 1 slice whole grain bread and an orange
grilled chicken breast or salmon steak with
garlic tomatoes
and new potatoes (no butter)

and a handful of pureed raspberries with a small scoop of ice cream
When you are drinking your 1 1/2 litres water, it's much more appetising in a tall glass with ice cubes and a slice of lemon






1 shredded wheat with hot or cold semi-skimmed milk and a handful of raisins

kiwi fruit and handful of raisins
Mediterranean pizza
with a dark green salad and a small fromage frais
try to fit at least 20 mins of walking in today





small orange juice

spicy mushrooms and tomatoes served with a toasted muffin

a small bunch grapes
egg and cress whole grain sandwich and an apple

grilled mackerel fillet with a few new potatoes and crispy green salad and 1 banana baked in its skin served with low-fat creme fraiche

chewing sugar -free gum before and after eating helps you burn more cals and eat less (according to latest research)





1 portion porridge made with half water and skimmed milk topped with a tsp of runny honey and tsp flaxseeds

a banana
watercress soup
and 1 slice rye bread

slimmer's chili beans and tortillas serve with a crispy salad

bananas and porridge are both great for slow-release energy






healthy pancake with sliced banana and spoonful of natural yogurt

a cup of green tea - boosts your metabolism roasted vegetable pita

stir-fried pork fillet and mushrooms with bean sprouts and rice noodles

fruity layer

The end of the week is in sight - reward yourself with a small glass of crisp white wine or fruity red





half a grapefruit

1 slice wholemeal toast with 2 slices lean back bacon and a tomato, grilled

a large slice of honeydew/water melon scrambled egg with crab and a grilled tomato

beef slimitoff
with boiled rice and peas


You can cut calories in scrambled egg by replacing some of the eggs with just the egg whites.






5oz/150g reduced sugar and salt baked beans with slice wholemeal toast

a handful dried apricots 1 portion roast chicken/lamb/beef with 1 roast potato or 3 boiled new potatoes, 2 vegetables and 1 tbsp gravy 1 tin sardines (in brine)with dark leafy salad and tsp low-cal dressing and small fruit fromage frais Cleaning your teeth after dinner will make it less appealing to eat more.





small orange juice

2oz/60g muesli (no added sugar type) with skimmed milk and 1 chopped apple

one slice of brown toast with low-fat spread or smear of low sugar jam

large crispy green salad with 2 slices of smoked salmon, 2 vine tomatoes served with a tsp low-cal dressing or low-fat mayonnaise with splash of lemon juice to flavour

and a banana

Chinese beef broth with whole wheat noodles and bean sprouts

easy apple oatie

Try and choose whole grain bread and pasta - more fibre and slow energy release





banana smoothie

an apple and 1 rich tea biscuit fish chowder
and small piece of fresh crusty bread and an apple

light and lemony chicken
with a few new potatoes, broccoli and 1 tsp mayonnaise with a squeeze lemon juice added

Try and eat 2 servings of fish a week, one of which should be oily (i.e. salmon, mackerel, etc)- full of omega 3

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