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holistic gym class

Holistic fitness classes

Keeping fit and healthy is not just about exercise, it's your whole lifestyle. It's your diet, exercise and also your sense of well being. Holistic classes address both your mind and body's fitness - treating you as a whole being. The poses and sequences in Yoga and other holistic classes strengthen, stretch and tone your muscles and improve your balance. A recent study found that the longer you practise yoga the higher your self-esteem is likely to be.

Holistic classes


Pilates is a fantastic way to improve your core strength and stability.

This fitness class will also enhance your posture and flexibilty,

You will work with slow, controlled movements.

Pilates really gives your muscles an intense workout.

Tai Chi

This ancient Chinese exercise takes away your stress and promotes greater flexibility.

The class can range from calming meditative to active martial arts, with stamping and punching moves. The gentle and elegant hand movements are said to promote your energy flow throughout the body.

The slow controlled movements calm you in mind and body, and uplift your spirit.

They are said to have a healing quality. Tai Chi also sharpens your focus, co-ordination and de-stresses you.

Each Tai Chi movement is either a defensive or offensive pose - a Yin (soft feminine) or Yang (hard masculine) concept.

It's good to take some time out for yourself

Tai Chi classes can improve your wellbeing physically and mentally.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and soft soled shoes.



If you want more flexibility, body toning, an improved posture and a sense of calm and well-being, then yoga classes are ideal.

Most classes begin with a warm-up, then follow with yoga poses, sometimes in succession in a flowing sequence. The sun salutation is a popular choice.

yoga classTell your yoga teacher if you have had any recent injuries or physical ailments, so they can be aware that you may not be able to do all the positions - i.e back or knee problems.

Breathing techniques are an important part of a yoga class, as well as the poses, and there may be a relaxation or meditation period at the end of the class which concentrates on this, as it can be very calming.

If you find you enjoy practising yoga then it is worth investing in your own yoga mat, as it helps your feet grip when you are in postures.

Wear comfortable clothes to the class that will stretch with your movements.

You usually work barefoot, but it's a good idea to bring socks, a sweatshirt and perhaps a blanket for the relaxation at the end of class when your body temperature drops.


This class fuses Yoga moves with Pilates, and can help you to improve your flexibility, posture.

Yogalates also works on your core strength and stability.

You will practise yoga breathing techniques, as well as poses which elongate and strengthen your muscles.

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