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How to Lose Weight

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The simple answer to the question 'How do I lose weight?' is that you need to burn more calories than you are taking in - your output needs to be more than your intake.

Dieting to lose weight

Going on a diet generally means you lower your calorie intake below your body's daily requirement. Cutting back on your food intake will encourage your body to burn up any fat stores. If you add an increase in your exercise to this as well, you will lose weight even faster. If you are more active you will use up more energy, and therefore burn more calories.

If losing weight is this simple an equation, then why do so many of us struggle to stay slim? It's not easy - we have to eat to survive, so we can't avoid food. We are therefore likely to be tempted on many occasions, such as: when we shop for food, when we prepare meals and when we are with others who are eating. You can't avoid food, or eating, which makes any calorie restriction difficult.

Why are we overweight?

Many of us consume far more calories than our bodies need to function properly, and our sedentary lives means our daily energy needs are much lower than past generations. Our children's calorie requirements are much lower now, because a lot of leisure time is spent indoors with computers, playstations and television.

Children don't tend to play outside as much. Many experts blame this inactivity for the increase of obesity in children, but there is also a vast choice of fast high fat food - it's everywhere, and generally available at a lower price than healthier foodstuffs.

How to lose weight and keep it off

To lose weight you will need to reduce your daily calories, and preferably add some extra exercise. You will need willpower and determination, but if you really want to lose weight you will do it. Most people during their lives will have managed to drop some weight, but the important factor is going to be keeping the weight off. Permanent weight loss requires a lifestyle change in order to maintain a slim figure.

You will need to address whatever has made you put on weight - too much fast food, snacking, sedentary job, too much alcohol or chocolate, etc. It helps when you are trying to give up a bad habit to find an alternative, such as replacing high-sugar and high-fat snacks with fresh fruit, or taking a luxurious bubble bath, instead of that high-calorie glass of wine and crisps. You are trying to reprogramme your mind from automatically following a bad habit, instead you need to introduce a newer healthier one.

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Maintaining Weight-loss

For many the most difficult thing is to maintain a slim figure, they can drop weight when they need to, but find they soon pile it all back on.

Denying yourself and following a drastic diet is not sustainable, and it has been proven that yo-yo dieting is unhealthy. It is far better to adapt your eating habits and exercise regime to something you can sustain.

If you lose weight slowly it is much more likely to stay off.

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