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Read our 7 day blog from Katie, one of our team, who was brave enough to try a juice diet, in order to drop a dress size in a week.

Day 1

I am feeling very determined to make this work, and quite excited at the prospect of losing around half a stone by next week! Yesterday I bought everything I will need to get through the first few days. As the diet I've chosen is based around fresh fruit and veg then I am going to buy it every few days so its all nice and juicy and green!

Instead of my wake-up coffee I had hot water with a slice of lemon. Then for breakfast I had a juice mix. I made up enough juice to last all day at work.

Juice diet  - lose pounds in a weekI certainly haven't been hungry, in fact the opposite. I went to a yoga class this evening, as I read that when you are detoxing it helps to do some form of exercise, to help clear all the toxins out. I'm also dry skin brushing in the morning before my shower, as that is also supposed to help eliminate toxins and exfoliates the body as well.

I have the beginnings of a headache this evening so go to bed early - no doubt due to a caffeine withdrawal, I usually drink around 3-4 cups of coffee and even more cups of tea every day.*

Day 2

Have woken up with a really bad headache, and the smell of my partner's morning coffee really isn't helping as I sip my hot water!
I manage to drink my breakfast juice, but have decided to only take half my allocated juice mixes with me as I felt rather too bloated yesterday after drinking them all.

Went to yoga again this evening, but 'downward facing dog' position made my head throb!* Feeling tired, so even earlier bed tonight. Am disappointed that I haven't experienced the energy surge as promised by drinking all this fresh fruit and veg.

Day 3

Woke an hour early - before my alarm which is unheard of! However, I still have a headache. Am drinking lots of water to hopefully flush away all my toxins. I really can't face my breakfast juice, so just put it into pots to take with me to work.

I really hope I'm going to be able to continue with this, but I don't feel brilliant at the moment. Will try to stick with it - I've got my new gorgeous dress for next week's party hanging on my bedroom door, and I really want to be able to wear it!

Managed 3 juice mixes today and didn't get my usual drowsy feeling at my desk around 4pm. I definitely have more energy and am speeding through my work. Am chewing parsley every now and then, just in case my breath has started to smell - I read this can be a side effect of a detox diet. Going for a swim this evening and headache has thankfully gone. My waistband is already feeling looser.

Day 4

lose weight on juice dietNo trouble getting up this morning, and I am actually getting used to my lemony hot water. Bit spotty today, but could be part of the detox process. Am feeling a bit bloated, so missed out one of my morning juices.

I have added some psyllium husks I got from the health food shop to my breakfast juice to help tackle my constipation problem. I am pleased that I have got over half way through my detox plan, and I'm impressed at my will power.

The down side is that I am getting pretty bored with the taste of the juices, and I have become a bit anti-social this week, as I can't face going out after work with the team tragically clutching a flask of juice! I keep telling myself it will be worth it. Feeling lighter and energised - am certainly going to eat more fruit and veg in my diet from now on, as it seems to be doing me good!

Day 5

It's nearly the weekend and I'm feeling much slimmer. The extra fibre in the juices really worked. My bloating has gone and my tummy is definitely flatter, so I wear my pencil skirt. I'm beginning to look forward to the party next week with my smaller waistline. The tiredness has passed and I feel great, although a bit light-headed every now and then.

To be honest though I will be really pleased to pack up my juice extractor and put it back into the cupboard under the stairs where it lives normally! Aspirations of being a regular juicer are starting to diminish, I am fantasising about a nice juicy steak!

Day 6

The first day of the weekend and I am finding it difficult to keep going. I have read since starting this diet, that it is better to begin it on a Wednesday, rather than choosing a Monday ,as otherwise the last days fall on the weekend and temptations to give up are everywhere.

juicesI have to admit defeat I'm afraid, I took my juice to a brunch with friends, but caved in to temptation and ate a small portion of scrambled egg! So when I got home I tried on the dress and it was a perfect fit! I jumped on the scales and found I have lost 5 lbs, so am thrilled.

I didn't manage to do the complete juice diet plan, but I got the result I wanted in 5 days anyway. It was very hard-going though, mainly I think due to the caffeine withdrawal. So for that reason I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, unless they have a steely determination to drop pounds quickly. A juice diet is hard but it certainly works. It may mainly be water that I've lost, but I don't care because the dress fits!

In my opinion the juice diet is ok for an emergency situation, when you are desperate to lose weight fast, and I'm sure it could be helpful to kick-start a reduced calorie diet. Being on the juice plan has made me look closely at my eating habits; I can't face the prospect of a juice for a long time, but I have switched to de-caffinated tea and coffee and am going to increase my fruit and veg intake!

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