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Look your best with fake and natural nail care. Loads of information on choosing and maintaining fake nails. What type of fake nail is best? Which type of fake nail is strongest and lasts the longest?

fake nailsGenerally, Acrylic false nails are the strongest available. They come in a two-part mix which is applied onto your own nails in two or three layers to build up a new surface. Acrylic can be used in conjunction with artificial nail tips to extend the length of your natural nails.

Once the acrylic mix has been applied, it will harden after a few minutes and can then be filed and painted as required. Acrylic nails will need filling every couple of weeks as your natural nails grow out.

Gel nails are painted on in much the same way as Acrylic Nails but are hardened or cured using a special UV lamp. They are not considered as strong as acrylic nails but can provide a more natural looking finish.

Top Tips for Strong Nails

  • Wear nail varnish - just a clear coat if you don't want to use colour - this will make you more aware of your nails, so you remember to put on gloves for washing up, cleaning, gardening, etc and take care of your pretty nails. Also, it can protect and seal your natural nail oils in, but avoid quick-dry nail varnish as this product can contain be drying.
  • Paint the inside tips of your nails with clear polish or nail strengthener, it'll help strengthen them.
  • Apply a daily coat of protein formula strengthener (like Sally Hensen Maximum Growth) if you're having trouble growing short nails. Repeat this for a week then remove and start again if you still need help.
  • Don't use your nails as tools to prise, pick or scratch with - they'll break and think how long they'll take to re-grow! Treat them like jewels NOT tools!
  • When you wash your hands or feet make sure you dry them really well to avoid fungal infections - a little talcum powder on your toes after drying is a good way to make sure they are really dry.
  • Use a moisturiser everytime after you've had your hands in water - keep pots of protective moisturising cream by your sinks and treat your hands and nails after each wash.
  • File in one direction only - a back-and-forth action weakens the nail. Professional grade nail files made of glass are kinder than metal files for nails. Filing is less likely to break a nail than cutting them.
  • Avoid acetone based varnish removers - they are very drying.
  • Massaging the cuticle bed and buffing gets the blood flowing to the nail and promotes healthy growth. But don't buff your nails more than once a week as it does remove a layer of nail thinning the nail plate, and you can weaken them if you overdo it.
  • Apply a cuticle oil (like almond oil) or cuticle cream and an intensive hand cream every night before you go to sleep - increase the effectiveness by putting on cotton gloves to keep the moisture in.
  • Don't cut your cuticles - gently push them back after a bath or shower. The cuticle is important as it forms a protective seal to keep water and germs out.
  • Apply a smear of petroleum jelly to your cuticles after your morning shower - it will help keep the moisture in.
  • Drink plenty of water daily as your nails are actually 16% water.
  • Calcium is important - milk, yoghurt, cheese. Also biotin helps nail growth -2.5 milligrams of the vitamin daily can help improve hair and nail condition. Eating a healthy balanced diet containing fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, olive oil, beans,lean meat and fish will help with nail condition.
  • Always wear protective gloves when gardening, doing any cleaning, using harsh soaps, cleaning products, chemicals and of course washing up. Have plenty of gloves at hand around the house.
  • Choose the cotton lined rubber gloves as they prevent your hands sweating.
  • When you use a keyboard, calculator or mobile phone don't hit the keys with your nail tips, use your finger pads to prevent weakening and breaking your nails.



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