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The build up to Christmas seems to start earlier every year. No sooner have we recovered from a summer of revealing ourselves on the beach, then the festive party invites begin to arrive. Extra eating and drinking coupled with dark, damp nights where we just want to stay in and watch the tv, rather than hitting the gym, means your weight can start to creep up.

On average we put on 5 pounds at Christmas, but don't worry there are ways to avoid this. Try and follow some of our easy Christmas Calories Tips to save your party figure this year, and check out our delicious xmas dinner alternatives with our Christmas diet plan

One way to avoid having to make the most popular New Year's resolution of going on a diet, is to tackle the weight problem earlier. Getting a headstart by watching what you eat in between Christmas and the New Year celebrations is a clever way to still enjoy yourself, but limit the damage!

Short Detox Diet

New Year detoxHaving a short detox or mini diet in between big events is the way many celebrities manage to maintain their shape, despite the hard partying. We all like to relax our diet at Christmas, but this is the way you can avoid that depressing feeling on New Year's Eve when you try and zip up your party dress.

Get back on track on December 27th, as you'll have enjoyed the Christmas day feast and Boxing day, with the aim to stop on New Year's Eve - that's only 5 days! You'll enjoy the party all the more when you feel slim and unbloated, having avoided extra days of consuming rich food and drink.

Headstart diet tips

  • Don't cut back too much - keep to 3 meals spaced evenly through the day. Don't be tempted to drop any meals or your body may go into starvation mode and lower your metabolism, and your willpower.

  • On waking try a cup of hot water with lemon - this can help cleanse your digestive system and can often help diminish any sweet cravings.

  • Don't snack on anything between meals apart from fresh fruit, or a small serving of seeds or natural nuts - Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds (otherwise the chocolates and mince pies will call to you!) You can buy savoury mixed seeds with soya sauce as a delicious and healthy alternative to crisps - but don't eat too many.

    how to lose weight after Christmas Get plenty of fresh fruit - satsumas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, melon,apples, juicy oranges, kiwi fruits - cut up the larger fruit and keep chilled in the fridge ready for emergency snacking.

  • Don't touch any alcohol for the 5 days you are de-toxing. If you have a drink you are far more likely to reach for the xmas snacks. Alcohol is full of empty calories, and it will do your liver good to have a break from Christmas tipples. Stock up with plenty of fizzy water and serve with lots of ice and a slice of lemon, when you fancy a drink. You'll notice the difference in your skin too.

  • Have your wholegrain carbs at breakfast and try to avoid for the rest of the day - double your veg portions.

  • Stick to wholegrain healthy fresh food - avoid processed meals, foods and snacks. Make sure you stock up on lots of lovely fresh fruit and veg, before you start the diet.

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

  • Try to include some exercise every day - take the stairs rather than the lift, get off the train or bus one stop early and walk the rest of the way, go for a swim or dance some calories away. Wrap up well and go for wintery walks in the park, on the beach or woods.

  • Focus on your New Year's party dress - keep it hanging in view. Visualise yourself walking into the party and looking fabulous - all your friends will turn and watch you looking slim, fabulous and happy.

  • When you wake up after the New Year's Eve celebrations you shouldn't be worrying about how to lose all the weight you've gained over Christmas, unlike most of the population!

New Year's Eve Party Diet

Day 1 Dec 27th

Wholegrain porridge with a portion of fresh blueberries or scrambled egg on 1 slice of wholegrain toast

Vegetable or tomato based soup (avoid creamy soups)

Salmon fillet with leek, asparagus, dill and splash of dry white wine - wrapped in greaseproof paper then tin foil and baked for 15-20 mins in moderate oven. Serve with sliced green beans or courgettes.

Day 2 Dec 28th

Shredded wheat with handful of raisins and skimmed milk

Sardines or mackeral (tinned in brine) on 1 slice wholegrain toast - add base of fresh chopped tomato to toast before adding fish.

Grilled chicken breast and portobello mushroom with french beans.

Day 3 Dec 29th

Wholegrain porridge with handful of mixed seeds, such as pumpkin, sunflower, etc.

Turkey or chicken and mixed salad, including sliced tomato, spring onion and cucumber. Use either fresh lemon juice or low-fat mayonnaise if needed.

Prawn stir fry with beansprouts, shredded cabbage, peppers, onions and garlic

Day 4 Dec 30th

Low-fat natural yoghurt with fresh berries, or a small chopped banana and seeds

Tuna and sweetcorn open sandwich with crispy green salad or minestrone soup

Chilli Chicken and Broccoli

Day 5 Dec 31st

Scrambled egg with spring onions and smoked salmon with 1 slice wholegrain toast

Vegetable soup

New Year's Eve starts here! Slip into your party dress and look and feel wonderful for the fun night ahead!

Report from Marie, one of our diet testers.

I was initially worried about dieting during the Christmas holidays, but I have a really big New Year's party to attend and am determined to get in shape for that. Last year I managed to put on 8 pounds over Christmas! So this year I had to avoid that, especially as I have a fabulous new dress to fit into.

Day 1 - I bought lots of fresh fruit and veg this morning, so I had no excuse to fall back on the chocs and crisps. My breakfast porridge really filled me up all morning and I managed a half hour walk before lunch. To be honest it was quite a relief to eat simpler food - all the rich party food I'd been eating for the last couple of weeks was making me feel quite sluggish and bloated.

lose weight for the partyDay 2 - I'm finding having a cup of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning really refreshing. I wasn't even tempted today to have a chocolate in my break - there are still tins of them all over the office. I had a juicy satsuma for a snack and spent my lunch looking for shoes to go with my fab dress for the party. Had to have a sardine sandwich as I didn't have time to grill them.

Day 3 - I find having my dress hanging in view in the bedroom helps me keep my resolve - I've also put the invite on my fridge, just in case I feel tempted to cheat! My clothes are already feeling looser, especially round the middle. Used the stairs all day and went for a swim after work.

Day 4 - Made a delicious fruit salad to snack on today - took some to work and it was a lovely treat during the day. Got my nails done for the party today and I'm not dreading zipping my dress up this year - so different from last year when I had to wear my boring black trousers 'cos I put on so much weight at Christmas.
Love the chilli chicken recipe, am going to eat that even when I'm not dieting! Bring on the party tomorrow!

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Day 5 - This short, quick fix diet has really worked for me. My party dress fits beautifully and I feel really light and energised ready to party all night! I didn't feel I was missing out on those 5 days, as I knew it was all worth it and that I was going to enjoy the New Year's celebrations all the more looking good. It's given me the confidence I needed to make my move on a certain person tonight!

Have a Happy New Year!

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