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before and after electronic diet pic

Lose weight with Photoshop!

- Don't believe everything you see!

Photo manipulation is worth a thousand words. The model is an average shape and size and the picture far left is an unmodified version. This is what she really looks like!

To get from the left to the right picture took not weeks of dieting, exercise and time with a personal trainer but around 10 minutes with a retouch expert.

The picture is reduced in size horizontally and by dint of some clever airbrushing our model becomes an instant size UK eight or US six !

Hollywood stars, celebrities and models are in good shape to start with but they all get a little help from the camera and computer from time to time.

Getting slimmer in real life involves a little work but we show you how to make it as easy and pain-free as possible.

Before and after photoshop

Speaking of absolutely flawless - here's a brilliant spoof commercial by Jesse Rosten.

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

This commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty.


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photoshop makeover

Before and after weight loss pics

Fat to thin the easy way!

Starting from the original photograph on the left to the finished article on the right, you can see how our electronic 'diet' has slimmed down the model. By some strange process, it's also made her knees smoother, enlarged her breasts, and added a shine to her hair... Guess which version makes the pages of your favourite glossy?

...and yet more electronic 'diets'

Before and after photoshop

photoshop diet

Skinny at any cost?

The media and fashion world would have everyone believe that the (photo manipulated) model on the right is closest to the ideal shape, but in the real world we come in a variety of shapes and sizes...

It's much better to aim for a healthy body weight, rather than 'skinny at any cost'.

Keeping your body mass index within the recommended range can help you avoid all kinds of health problems.

Although the overweight tend to be targeted more (because there are more of them due to 21st century lifestyles), it can also damage your health in the long term to be too skinny.

Aim to keep within your recommended Body Mass Index using our BMI Calculator and you'll find you'll not just look great but feel more energetic and healthy too.


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