Free Printable Diet Menu for 2017 DAYS 1 - 10

Mid-morning snack


1 cup of tea/coffee using skimmed or semi-skimmed milk

porridge made with half a measure of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk and water, with either a handful of fresh blueberries or raisins or tsp honey

a banana

Chicken and vegetable soup and a rice cake and one piece of fruit
2 fish cakes - homemade or shop-bought with large mixed salad
Try to drink around 1.5 litres water a day


orange juice

1 slice of granary toast ( no butter) with 2 scrambled eggs

small fruit salad
small jacket potato with reduced sugar baked beans
chilli chicken with broccoli and noodles
Try and exercise daily - just a brisk walk or a bike ride for half an hour will speed up your weight loss


fruit smoothie -homemade or shop-bought
2 oatcakes and cottage cheese
wholemeal pitta with mackerel or tuna and iceberg lettuce and a tomato - use a smear of low cal mayonnaise to make it moist.
Sunday dinner -roast meat and two veg. Use mashed potatoes (made with low cal spread not butter) instead of roast spuds and keep the portion size small. No stuffing/yorkshire pud or crackling!
Beware some shop-bought smoothies have a high calorific content.


a cup of tea or coffee with skimmed or semi skimmed milk
(remember no sugar - use sweetener)

half a grapefruit and wholewheat cereal with skimmed or semi -skimmed milk

2 celery sticks with a little smoked mackerel pate

crispy salad with small portion of cooked ham or chicken - use low cal dressing or a squeeze of lemon juice and 1 ricecake and an apple


grilled chicken breast and large portobello mushroom, new potatoes and green beans

a scoop of fruit sorbet or low-calorie choc mousse

Choose a nice ripe grapefruit (pink ones are naturally sweeter) and then you won't need sugar


orange juice

low-fat croissant with smear of high fruit low-sugar jam

a handful of spicy seed mix
onion soup and 1 handful of grapes

prawn curry - make it yourself or buy a low-calorie version serve with small portion of brown rice

a portion of fresh pineapple with a spoonful of low-fat creme fraiche

You are less likely to slip up if you plan your meals well ahead . If you feel hungry in between try to eat fruit rather than reaching for empty calories.


tea/coffee (as before)

1 egg omelette with mushrooms

an apple and 1 rich tea biscuit 2 sardines(in brine) mashed and placed on one slice of wholemeal toast and a tomato

herby chicken - need to marinate night before. Serve with rocket salad and crusty bread

a portion of raspberries with a meringue nest (only 55 cals)

Marinating your meat or fish is well worthwhile - it makes it so much more tastier. Olive oil is rich in omega 6 - a good fat.


orange or grapefruit juice

a portion of unsweetened muesli with skimmed milk and a handful of one of the following: apple, grapes, blueberries or a chopped banana

small portion of hummus and carrot sticks minestrone soup - homemade or shop bought - with a small crusty wholemeal or seeded roll (no butter - dip into soup or use a smear of yeast extract spread)

chicken and peppers in black bean sauce with beansprouts and small portion of rice noodles


Make enough soup so you can freeze portions for later


orange juice

1 boiled egg and 1 slice wholemeal toast (for soldiers!)

a handful of unsalted nuts spicy tomato salad with 2 wholewheat crispbreads and a small portion of cottage cheese or parma ham grilled tiger prawns -need to marinate night before. Serve with warm wholemeal pitta bread and iceberg lettuce Enjoy 2 squares of high cocoa content chocolate


tea/coffee as before
a small grilled or microwaved kipper with a slice of wholemeal bread
1 satsuma

tuna and sweetcorn sandwich with granary/wholemeal bread -use low fat spread

and a small bunch of grapes

Stir-fry beef and noodles served with mange-tout

1 low fat yoghurt with handful of berries

You deserve 1 glass of wine



1 oz /25g bran flakes with bluberries or sultanas with skimmed or semi- skimmed milk

1 slice of granary/wholemeal toast with smear of low-fat spread or marmalade

2oz of edam cheese with 2 crackers 2 slices of lean back bacon, grilled with 40z/100g of tinned tomatoes and a seeded roll with low calorie spread

Roast chicken with jacket potatoes and cauliflower - make the gravy as fat free as possible

baked cinnamon apple with sultanas

Removing the skin from chicken halves the fat content, and leaving the skin on the potatoes increases the fibre content