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Diet Recipes

Dieting doesn't mean having to eat boring food. One of the secrets to a successful calorie controlled diet is to eat food that appeals. If you try and cut down by eating unappetising food, you're much more likely to go off the rails and start snacking.

Think smaller portions of foods that you enjoy eating and changing the way you prepare and cook your food. Here are a few suggestions, apply them to whatever recipe you are preparing for a head start in the healthy eating stakes.

Meat and Poultry

Trim all the visible fat from meat before you cook it.

Don't buy mince, make it yourself in a food processor - after you've trimmed all the fat off.

Try not to use fat to cook - grill, steam, bake, boil, microwave, barbecue, toast, steam, coddle or poach instead. If you do fry ( some recipes need it) use one of the low-cal spray oils or just a little olive oil (a good oil containing lovely omega 6 - not too much is the key)

Go for reduced fat options if you really crave processed meats - try turkey slices instead of bacon and reduced-fat sausages - look for meat content and opt for the top meat content you can (80% is better).

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2017 Diet Plan Recipes

Apple Oatie

Banana smoothie

Chicken and peppers in black bean sauce

Chilli beans and tortillas

Chilli chicken with broccoliFruit smoothie ingredients

Baked cinnamon apple with sultanas

Beef Slimitoff

Fish cakes

Fish Pie

Fruit smoothie

Fruity layer

Garlic, basil and tomato soup

Garlic tomatoes

Grilled chicken breast

Grilled peaches

Grilled tiger prawns

Healthy pancake

Herby chicken

Japanese Chicken Broth

Mediterranean pizza

healthy diet soup

Minestrone soup

Moroccan chicken

Onion soup and croutons

Prawn curry

Roasted Vegetable Pitta

Scrambled Egg with Crab

Slimmer's Bruschetta

Spicy Baked Potato Wedges

Spicy mushrooms and tomatoes

Spicy tomato salad

Stir-fry beef or chicken and noodles

Stuffed tomatoes

Tortilla Crisps

Watercress Soup


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