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Calorie Counting

Are you the type of person who wants a prescriptive diet - one that tells you exactly what, and how much to eat at each meal?
Then you may find Calorie Counting the ideal choice. With your comprehensive list of how many calories are contained within each food, you can happily weigh and work out exactly what you can eat daily and steadily lose weight.

The best way to be successful at this is to keep a food diary of everything you eat. WeightWatchers uses an easy point system, which simplifies calorie counting but works on the same principle.

Count up your daily calories with my fitness pal - one of the best calorie counting aids you can use for your diet plan. Calorie counting

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Low carb diets

If you prefer to avoid calorie counting and concentrate on eating specific foods, then the low-carbohydrate Atkins diet or South Beach diet may suit you.

The popular Atkins diet is really four diet plans in one - The Induction, Ongoing Weight Loss, Pre-Maintenance and finally Maintenance stage. Carbohydrate foods are reduced and replaced with fat and protein - bacon and egg for breakfast as opposed to cereals. The diet states this will change your metabolism and enable you to lose weight easily. Atkins Diet

GI diet

Many supermarkets are now marking their food with carb content and GI high or low scores, due to the popularity of these diets. The GI dietwill help you eat slow-burn foods that keep you feeling satisfied for longer, and less likely to reach for the sugary snacks. GI Diet

Zone Diet

A popular choice for those good at organising their meals down to the percentage of carbohydrate, fat and protein - specifically at a ratio of 40-30-30 - is the Zone diet. The diet plan is very specific and depends on your gender, activity level, and current percentage of body fat.Zone Diet

If you don't like the idea of giving up your favourite foods for good, the Alternate day diet might suit, as you can still have your cake and eat it (every other day!) Alternate day diet

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Click on the fruit or see the items on this page to find the best diet for you.

Everyone has their own preferences as to the type of foods they like to eat so the best diet plan for one person may not suit another. However, all the diets below are said to have achieved good results.

Find the best diet plan that works for you

17 day diet17 Day Diet

This popular diet was introduced by Californian Dr Michael Moreno. It has been reported that a weight loss of 10-12 pounds is possible during the first cycle of 17 days. The diet cuts the intake of 'bad' carbs initially and then reintroduces 'good' carbs gradually back into the eating plan.

There are three cycles that each last for 17 days. This is reported as preventing the boredom that can set in with a diet after 2 weeks, and changing the menu and exercise can help the body increase metabolism and burn more calories and fat.

More on the 17 Day Diet

Atkins Diet

Atkins - ideal if you love a high protein dietThe late Dr. Richard Atkins developed one of the most popular and controversial diets of recent years.

Designed to alter the way your body deals with foods, the Atkins diet suggests a reduction of carbohydrate intake in order to cause a change in your metabolism to induce dissolving of body fat. The idea is that instead of using carbohydrates for energy, your body uses up stored fat instead.

The Atkins diet might be best for you if you enjoy meat and are looking for fast results.

More on the Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet Recipes

eat what you like on alternate daysAlternate Day Diet (ADD)

This popular eating plan is proving very successful in dropping those unwanted pounds. Eat what you fancy on one day, then on the next day limit yourself to 500 calories. It's reckoned to be easier to follow because you only have to do without your favourites for one day!

Created by Dr.James Johnson, the diet plan is based on the idea that the calorie reduction on alternate days causes a 'skinny gene' to be activated. This is believed to block a process of storing fat. Trials have shown that Alternate day diet users lost from 10lbs-30lbs. It is also claimed to boost the immune system, resulting in better health and longer life!

More about the Alternate day diet

Calorie counting

Count calories with healthy mealsCalorie counting is simple - just count the number of calories in everything that you eat and drink - to lose weight just keep your daily intake of calories lower than the amount your body needs. Oh - if it were that easy!

But you can lose a pound a week by consuming 500 calories a day less than your body uses and you can continue to eat your favourite foods.

More about Calorie counting

The Dukan diet Dukan Diet

This is a high protein, non-fat, low-calorie eating plan which aims to naturally reduce your appetite. Because protein is harder for the body to break down, the body consequently burns more calories during digestion on a high-protein diet.

The detailed instructions, in the form of a 4 stage eating plan, are easy to follow and also makes provision for maintaining the target weight. Although, initially in the first 'Attack phase' you are limited to high protein and non-fat foods, all the main food groups are gradually re-introduced to provide a varied and healthy diet.

The diet has proved to be easy to sustain, as at the end of the 4 phases you revert to normal eating with just one day a week of protein-only foods to maintain your weight.

More about the Dukan diet

Losing weight with the GI Diet Glycemic Index/GI diet

Based on the fact that all sugars, starches and fruits are digested at different rates. The GI diet categorizes carbohydrates by the speed the body digests and converts them to energy. The foods are recognised as being 'high' or 'medium to low' on the GI index, the latter being preferred.

A gradual release of energy from low GI foods will prevent hunger and give you plenty of energy throughout the day. As an added bonus, this diet reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

GI Diet Recipes

Low GI : a value of 55 or less - porridge oats, lentils, pulses and beans, barley, tomatoes,   raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, cherries, grapes, apples, pears, peaches, custard

Med GI : values of 56 to 69 - granary bread, wholemeal pasta, basmati rice, honey, jam, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, ice cream, new potatoes, sweet potatoes

High GI : value of 70 or more - grapefruit juice, cereal, white and wholemeal bread, baked potato, mashed potato, sugar, banana, watermelon, parsnips, brown rice

More about the GI Diet

The South Beach Diet

The invention of the american cardiologist Arthur Agatston, the South Beach diet has three stages which aim to move your food intake in the direction of 'good' away from 'bad'.

The diet aims to break the cycle of sugar / insulin highs and lows which occur as a result of eating 'bad' quickly absorbed carbs and which can encourage us to snack.

It's possible to achieve significant weight loss in the two week induction phase making it another good option for fast weight loss.

The South Beach Diet is also said to be good at getting rid of excess weight around the stomach area.

More about the South Beach Diet

A healthy breakfast with weight watchersWeight Watchers

Weight watchers is a diet 'club' with thousands of meetings held every week around the world. It's also online with lots of useful free information on the website which you can join for the benefits of full membership.

The two types of diet promoted by Weight watchers are the Core Plan and the Points Plan - both low-fat, low-calorie diet plans which are easy to follow.

Many Weight watchers members praise the help and support they get at meetings, so if you have willpower problems, this could be a good option for you. The encouragement of your fellow dieters can make all the difference to giving in to temptation or staying strong!

More about Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Recipes

Losing inches with the Zone DietThe Zone Diet

Dr Barry Sears' zone diet is based on the principle of regulating levels of insulin and other hormones in the blood within recommended levels (The Zone), by eating the correct balance of food at the right intervals.

The diet plan recommends a 30:40 ratio of protein to carbohydrates to help maintain a balance between the hormones insulin and glucagon, which is optimum for fat-burning and overall health.

The Zone diet plan causes the body to work within its ideal performance 'zone' providing maximum energy and weight loss.

No caffeine and moderate alcohol intake is recommended. Alcoholic drinks contain very little carbohydrate - most wines and spirits contain virtually none.

The health recommendations for drinking are a maximum of 14 units of alcohol a week.

More about the Zone Diet

Zone Diet Recipes


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