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weight loss planChoosing the right weight loss method to suit your particular needs can be half the battle when you are trying to lose weight.

Successfully losing weight means taking the time to analyze your lifestyle and think about the kind of changes you'll need to make.

You already know what you need to change in your life to get slim - you need more exercise and/or less calories. Now ask yourself how you can achieve these goals with as little pain as possible.

Yes - you can just choose a diet and follow it, but the secret to losing weight and staying slim is to make the change a permanent one.

Don't choose a diet that promises fast weight loss if you don't like the recipes it uses. You need to be able to follow the diet for ever - not just for the months it takes you to reach your ideal weight.

If that sounds depressing, it needn't be! You can incorporate chocolate, alcohol or whatever floats your boat into your diet if you make the necessary changes to allow for these treats.

If you can't envisage a life without suet pudding or cheesecake, then don't deprive yourself of it, just follow the maxim of 'moderation in all things' and keep the portion size small and the interval between treats large!

Free weight loss diet plan - week 1

Remember - if the diet is too hard to follow then you won't be able to stick with it - choose a diet that suits you and don't be too obsessed with fast weight loss.

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